фебруар 21, 2024

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  • Datum objavljivanja
    фебруар 21, 2024
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    јул 31, 2024
  • Potrebno iskustvo
    1-3 godine
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Opis posla

• Warmly greet and serve guests according to the restaurant’s procedures and standards
• Keep up to date with the restaurant offer, colorfully describe, suggest and effectively sell the various food and beverage choices from the menu
• Make suggestions, give advice, up-sell when appropriate and try to guide guests into their own preferred food and beverage choices
• Work as part of a team and coordinate with your restaurant colleagues in order to provide a smooth and enjoyable service for the guests
• Deliver checks, provide payment coverage, work with credit cards / cash
• Keep on top of restaurant service supplies and minimize waste
• Be aware of proper hygiene and safety procedures, practice utmost cleanliness during service and keep tables and service stations tidy
• Assist with washing up and other kitchen duties if necessary
• Look smart, tidy and professional – wear uniform with pride