Sales manager

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    јун 24, 2024
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    3-5 godina
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Opis posla

• Strategic Sales Leadership: Develop and execute an innovative sales strategy
that maximizes revenue across all properties, beaches, restaurants, ensuring a cohesive
approach that leverages our unique selling points.
• Market Analysis: Continuously analyze market trends, competitor activities, and
customer preferences to adapt and refine sales tactics, ensuring our offerings remain
competitive and desirable.
• Dynamic Pricing Strategies: Establish and optimize daily pricing strategies,
aligning them with market demand, seasonal trends, and competitive benchmarks to
maximize occupancy and revenue at beach, restaurants, hotels .
• Marketing Collaboration: Lead marketing initiatives, coordinating with internal
teams to create compelling campaigns that effectively promote our diverse range of
services and amenities.
• Operational Synergy: Work closely with all hotel and F&B departments to
ensure seamless integration of sales efforts with operational excellence, enhancing guest
satisfaction and operational efficiency.
• Performance Reporting: Provide regular, detailed reports to the General
Manager on sales performance, identifying key metrics, trends, and actionable insights
for continuous improvement.
• Financial Management: Oversee cost structures and pricing models to ensure
profitability, developing and managing budgets with a keen eye on financial health and
growth opportunities.
• Client Relationship Management: Cultivate and maintain strong relationships
with key partners and clients, securing group bookings, long-term contracts, and repeat
• Competitor Analysis: Monitor and assess competitor strategies, using insights to
refine our approach and maintain a competitive edge in the market.
• Sales Calls and Partnerships: Conduct sales calls to maintain relationships with
existing partners and extend new partnerships, driving business growth.

• Representation at Trade Shows and Webinars: Represent Dukley at trade
shows, online webinars, and other industry events to showcase our offerings and build
industry connections.
• Travel Readiness: Be prepared to travel as necessary to promote Dukley and
engage with potential clients and partners.

 Extensive Experience: Minimum 2 years of proven experience in luxury hotel sales
 Technical Proficiency: Mastery of Opera, SevenRooms, Symphony, STR with a strong
ability to utilize these tools for optimal sales performance.
 Language Skills: Proficiency in English is a must; additional language skills are
 Revenue Management: In-depth knowledge of revenue management, including
dynamic pricing strategies and profit and loss (P&L) management.
 Distribution Channel Expertise Experience with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and
wholesale distribution channels.
 Market Insight: Deep understanding of market dynamics, pricing strategies, and
revenue management techniques specific to the luxury hospitality industry.
 Analytical Acumen: Strong analytical skills, with the ability to interpret complex data
sets and translate them into actionable strategies.
 Exceptional Communication: Superior communication and negotiation skills, with
multilingual capabilities to engage effectively with a diverse, international clientele.
 Strategic Thinking: Innovative and strategic mindset, capable of developing distinct
sales strategies for different segments of our business.
 Operational Understanding: Comprehensive understanding of hotel operations with the
ability to integrate sales strategies seamlessly with other departments.
 Resilience and Adaptability: Ability to thrive under pressure, managing multiple
priorities and meeting tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
 Guest-Centric Focus: Commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience, with
a strong emphasis on personalized service and attention to detail.